50 Years of Fellowship #BK-FG50

50 Years of Fellowship

Item #: BK-FG50



50 Years of Fellowship. The Golden Anniversary edition covering the history of The Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers International (The Fellowship) from 1962 to 2012.

These pages hold a chronological history of the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers International including the apostolic call, the vision, and those who made it happen as moved upon by the hand of God. You will find pictures of people, places, and events that will stir fond memories of special times of refreshing from the Lord.

Apostolic anointings, confirmation of callings, and the mighty demonstration of signs, wonders, and miracles to renew and establish His work are recorded to remind us of roots that reach deep in the Pentecostal healing revivals of the Twentieth Century.

May we find the courage from within these pages to keep the vision alive until the coming of our Lord and King.

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