Pastor Sharon Stover

Pastor Sharon Stover, R.N.; D.Min.; Th.D.; Ph.D.

Pastor Stover speaks the prophetic Word of Faith, in the Spirit of power, bringing a dynamic message of reconciliation as She ministers the love and manifold grace of God for the deliverance, healing and restoration of the whole man. Signs and wonders accompany this anointed international ministry. With unique insight and revelation knowledge, She shares Bible truths concerning the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit and their practical application in the everyday life of the believer. Word of Wisdom and Word of Knowledge are often manifest in her meetings and many have been delivered and healed of deep emotional wounds by the out-working of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Jogn Onyema
Dr. John Onyema

Dr. John Onyema, M.D. leads the Wellspring Iron Man Ministry and is a teaching Elder for the Church. He is the Medical Director for the UMC Ambulatory Clinics. He and his precious wife, Dr. Ogo, have two grown children. Their loving care and guidance are a gift from the Lord to the Body of Christ worldwide.

Reverend Camille Becker
Rev. Camille Becker  

Rev. Camille Becker has led Wellspring's Kidzone as Childrens's Church Minister for over 25 years. She is a full time Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Co-ordinator. She has 3 children, 3 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. Her love and care for our children have brought many souls to The Kingdom of God and established them in the Faith.

Pastor George Stover - In Memoriam

Dr. George M. Stover, Jr., D.Min.; Th.D.; Ph.D.

This earth was blessed with the presence of George Stover from September 26, 1941 until September 24, 2018. Just days before his 77th birthday, he left this earth for his heavenly home. 

Born again in 1973, ordained in 1984, he preached the prophetic Word of God with signs and miracles following.  He was a prophetic psalmist, writing many worship songs.  He played the guitar, organ and accordian.  Dr. George was a prophetic voice to the nations, traveling extensively in the Philippines, SE Asia, China, Nigeria, Jamaica and Mexico.  He was a man of great faith who pleased his Father God.

He left behind a lifetime of teaching. You can watch the videos 24/7 by going to our YouTube Channel.  By the Grace of God, the work that Pastor George and Pastor Sharon founded in 1987 continues to this day.  You are invited to visit us in person and share in the rich presence and goodness of our Lord.